The Gary Cantrell Podcast

Gary Cantrell lost over 100lbs naturally through patience, consistency, hard work and self love. The man behind the Hard Work Always Wins mantra shares his experience along his weight loss journey through the highs and lows and interviews fellow weight loss friends usually from Instagram who are in the midst of their journeys. But this isn't just a weight loss podcast, it's much more. It's a look at Gary's life in the big picture and his various experiences. You can follow Gary's weight loss journey on Instagram @GaryCantrell

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    Episode 75 feat. Crystal (@reducedfatmomma)

    This week i'm talking to Crystal better known as @reducedfatmomma on Instagram. She's lost nearly 100lbs and shares her story and struggles of emotional eating, her workouts, her "why" and so much more! Incredible story that you've gotta hear!

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    Episode 74 feat. Clint Novak

    This week on the podcast i talk with Clint Novak. We talk about his history in radio, becoming a theme park enthusiast and expert who went on to become a general manager of FunLand in Fredericksburg, VA. He talks about his own weight loss struggles and getting out of his comfort zone and much more!

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    A little Thanksgiving "Tough Love" (BONUS POD)

    As the thanksgiving holiday approaches, I felt it was time to give you a little thanksgiving tough love and it's probably not at all what you think it might be. (Yes, probably a misleading title) Listen anyway, it's really short. Then share with a friend.

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    Episode 73 feat. Lexi & Danny Reed

    This week on the podcast I catch up with my pals Lexi & Danny Reed who together have lost over 400 LBS!!! They share the story on how they met, how they got started on their weight loss journey, gaining national and worldwide media attention, gaining an Instagram following & much more!

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    Episode 72 feat. Brian Crabtree

    This week I'm talking to Brian Crabtree. Brian has lost over 220lbs!!!! Brian talks about how he felt being so close to death and making an incredible comeback in life! Follow him on IG: imhalftheman

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    Episode 71 feat. Arash aka SHREDHAPPENS

    This week on the podcast I talk with my bud Arash best known as @SHREDHAPPENS on IG! We talk all about his journey, how he got into running and training for marathons, his relationship with food, his amazing IG feed featuring lots of beautiful plates of FOOD and SO MUCH MORE!!

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    Episode 70 feat. Nikki (@nikkisjourney135)

    This week on the show I talk to Nikki who's lost 140 LBS!!!! She shares her plan on how she got started, how she's keeping it off, thoughts on loose skin, documenting her journey on IG and YouTube and more!

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    Episode 69 feat. Ryan Tomcko

    Meet Ryan Tomcko. Ryan at one point lost a tremendous amount of weight. Then life got in the way, he battled with his health, staying on track, losing his mother and despite all of that he rose above it all staying positive and continuing to put in the work. This is his story.

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    Episode 68 feat. Willie Gillis

    A conversation with Willie Gillis (@williegillis on Instagram) We talk all about the new competition feature on the Apple Watch, running, loose skin, food habits & more!

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