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Gary Cantrell lost over 100lbs naturally through patience, consistency, hard work and self love. The man behind the Hard Work Always Wins mantra shares his experience along his weight loss journey through the highs and lows and interviews fellow weight loss friends usually from Instagram who are in the midst of their journeys. But this isn't just a weight loss podcast, it's much more. It's a look at Gary's life in the big picture and his various experiences. You can follow Gary's weight loss journey on Instagram @GaryCantrell

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    Episode 81 feat. Vance Hinds

    This episode contains Adult language, discretion is advised. This week on the podcast I welcome Vance Hinds who as of our recording has lost 200lbs. Vance was inspired by a challenge that comedian Bert Kreischer was taking part in and soon after Vance began documenting his journey, Wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page came calling to help which led Vance to do DDP Yoga. On the podcast Vance shares his story and talks about all the challenges of the journey and the success he's seen and everything in between.

    Check out Vance's Instagram: @vance_hinds

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    Episode 80: 2019 Plans, Goals, Challenges, etc.

    This week on the podcast I welcome my wife Heather back on to talk our group and individual plans, goals, challenges for the new year! It's all here, fitness goals, business goals, life goals etc. I hope y'all enjoy it!!

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    Episode 78 feat. John Arpino

    This week on the podcast I'm chatting with John Arpino. To date John has lost 244lbs. He talks about his struggles with Asthma, his near death experience and steps he made to create a better life for himself. We also talk about learning to love losing and what it teaches you to set you up to win. All this and much more in this week's podcast. Follow John on Instagram: @jarps_journey

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    The Patreon Pitch

    This week I launched a new website on Patreon and in this podcast I explain what it is and how you can contribute if you wish. This is not a normal show, i will be back with one of those on Wednesday.

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    Episode 77 feat. Doug Trexler

    This week on the podcast I sit down with my friend Doug and we talk about where he's at mentally, his dealings with cyber bullying, alcohol & drug addictions and much more. This is certainly a podcast with lots of sensitive subjects so please be sure to listen with headphones!

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    Episode 76 feat. Julie Johnson

    This week on the podcast I'm talking with my new friend Julie! Julie works in the mental health world and I thought it would be an awesome idea to get her on to talk about mental health and how it works with weight loss! Hope you guys enjoy.

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    Episode 75 feat. Crystal (@reducedfatmomma)

    This week i'm talking to Crystal better known as @reducedfatmomma on Instagram. She's lost nearly 100lbs and shares her story and struggles of emotional eating, her workouts, her "why" and so much more! Incredible story that you've gotta hear!

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    Episode 74 feat. Clint Novak

    This week on the podcast i talk with Clint Novak. We talk about his history in radio, becoming a theme park enthusiast and expert who went on to become a general manager of FunLand in Fredericksburg, VA. He talks about his own weight loss struggles and getting out of his comfort zone and much more!

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    A little Thanksgiving "Tough Love" (BONUS POD)

    As the thanksgiving holiday approaches, I felt it was time to give you a little thanksgiving tough love and it's probably not at all what you think it might be. (Yes, probably a misleading title) Listen anyway, it's really short. Then share with a friend.

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